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Trieste Ward

Trieste has been around dance all her life. With an older sister in dance there was no doubt she would follow behind. She began dancing at the age of 2 at Jessica Morgan’s School of Dance. Out of the 16 years dancing at Jessica Morgan’s School of Dance 8 of them were spent on the performing group JEMS.

Trieste became a dance assistant at the age of 15 and fell in love with being a part of teaching little ones dance. For years she has worked side by side with Ms. Christy in the classroom learning the art of teaching little ones to dance.
Trieste has been the office manager since 2016, and truly enjoys being able to work with all the families in the Prestige dance family. She feels very lucky and blessed to work with such a wonderful staff and live out her passion of teaching at Prestige Dance Studio. 
Dance will always be a passion of Trieste’s and she is thrilled to continue see all our little dancers grow at Prestige Dance Studio.

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