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In my Prestige Era 
Friday, June 14 & Saturday, June 15 

We are very excited to celebrate 10 YEARS of dancing with you!

Check out all of our recital information below, and be sure you don't miss our upcoming deadlines. 

Please keep in mind when reviewing your show information, we have a lot of dancers, siblings, and dancers in multiple classes/levels. We try our best to have all dancers in multiple classes and siblings in the same show, but it does not always happen. Dividing our shows is a delicate balance and moving a class may not be possible.


Our classes are listed in no particular order. A show order will be available shortly

last updated 4/20/24

6:00 pm

  • Friday 4:15 Creative

  • Friday 4:45 Combo

  • Monday 6:45 A/B Hip Hop

  • Monday 7:30 A/B Tap

  • Monday 8:15 A/B Lyrical

  • Tuesday 4:45 A/B Ballet

  • Tuesday 7:00 A/B Jazz

  • Thursday 6:45 A/B Lyrical

  • Thursday 7:45 A/B Hip Hop

  • Monday 4:45 B/C Lyrical

  • Tuesday 5:45 B/C Ballet

  • Wednesday 8:00 B/C Jazz

  • Monday 5:45 C/D Hip Hop

  • Monday 7:30 C/D Lyrical

  • Tuesday 8:00 C/D Jazz

  • Wednesday 7:15 C/D Tap

  • Thursday 7:15 C Ballet

  • Core A Ballet

  • Core A Tap

  • Core A Lyrical

  • Core A Jazz

  • Core B Ballet

  • Core B Tap

  • Core B Lyrical 

  • Core B Jazz

  • Prima C Tap

  • Prima C Lyrical

  • Prima D Ballet

  • Prima D Lyrical

  • PDC Dance #1 (Disco Fever)

  • PDC Dance #2 (Stay Alive)

  • PDC Dance #3 (All That I've Done)

  • PDC Dance #7 (SIX)

  • PDC Dance #8 (Vogue)

  • PDC Elite (Take Me Home)

  • PDC Elite (Seven Birds)

  • PDC Elite (Dawns)

  • PDC Elite (Tap Storm)

  • PDC Solo-Avery (Groove is in the Heart)

  • PDC Solo-Anna (Memory is a Seamstress)

  • PDC Solo-Kamryn (Breathe Again)

  • PDC Solo-Pria (Spine)

  • PDC Solo-Quinn (Microphone)

  • PDC Solo-Charlotte (Something Like This)

  • PDC Solo-Kate (Graduation Ball)

  • PDC Solo-Hailey (Soft Dark Nothing)

  • PDC Solo-Kennedy (Work It)

  • PDC Solo-Olivia (Hold On)

  • PDC Solo-Arielle (Home)

  • PDC Duo/Trio-AH/QY/AK (That's Life)

  • PDC Duo/Trio-KK/CM/HR (Like Woah)

  • PDC Duo/Trio-PY/KD/KK (Fabulous Feet)

  • PDCA Dance #9 (Conga)

  • PDCA Dance #10 (Wishin' and Hopin')

  • PDCA Dance #11 (Whistle Stop)

  • Dads Dance

11:30 am

  • ​Monday 6:00 Trio 1

  • Tuesday 10:00 Dance with Me

  • Tuesday 10:30 Creative

  • Wednesday 11:00 Creative

  • Wednesday 11:30 PreBallet

  • Thursday 10:30 PreBallet

  • Thursday 3:30 Combo

  • Thursday 4:30 Trio 1

  • Thursday 6:00 Hip Hop Tots

  • Saturday 10:00 Combo

  • Saturday 10:45 Creative

  • Saturday 11:00 Trio 1/2

  • Saturday 11:15 PreBallet

  • Saturday 12:30 Tumble Dance

  • PDC Dance #1 (Disco Fever)

  • PDC Dance #4 (Can't Take That Away)

  • PDC Dance #5 (On My Way)

  • PDC Dance #6 (Alpine Green)

  • PDC Elite (Take Me Home)

  • PDC Solo-Bella (Beautiful Girl)

  • PDC Duo/Trio-CD/EB/AL (Over the Rainbow)

  • PDC Duo/Trio-BD/HB/AA (Shades Trio)

  • PDC Duo/Trio-AP/AH/CH (Mama Knows Best)

  • PDCA Dance #9 (Conga)

5:00 pm

  • ​Monday 4:30 Trio 1

  • Wednesday 4:45 Trio 2

  • Thursday 10:00 Creative

  • Friday 5:45 Trio 1/2

  • Prima B Ballet

  • Prima B Tap

  • Prima B Jazz

  • Prima B Lyrical

  • Prima C Ballet

  • Prima C Jazz

  • Prima D Tap

  • Prima D Jazz

  • PDC Dance #1 (Disco Fever)

  • PDC Dance #2 (Stay Alive)

  • PDC Dance #3 (All That I've Done)

  • PDC Dance #4 (Can't Take That Away)

  • PDC Dance #5 (On My Way)

  • PDC Dance #6 (Alpine Green)

  • PDC Dance #7 (SIX)

  • PDC Dance #8 (Vogue)

  • PDC Elite (Take Me Home)

  • PDC Elite (Seven Birds)

  • PDC Elite (Dawns)

  • PDC Elite (Blinding)

  • PDC Solo-Courtney (Lie to Me)

  • PDC Solo-Peyton (In Our Bones)

  • PDC Solo-Rachel (Goodbye)

  • PDC Solo-Breanne (The Difference)

  • PDC Solo-Lindsay (Speech of Foxes)

  • PDC Solo-LeAnn (Amend)

  • PDC Solo-Reagan (Hollow Drum)

  • PDC Solo-Ellyson (Collide)

  • PDC Solo-Genevieve (Life)

  • PDC Duo/Trio-BC/RD (End)

  • PDC Duo/Trio-LL/RD/IH (Fault Lines)

  • PDCA Dance #9 (Conga)

  • PDCA Dance #10 (Wishin' and Hopin')

  • PDCA Dance #11 (Whistle Stop)

  • Dad's Dance

Names for the Program

 Please take a moment to take a look over it, if your dancer's name is spelled incorrectly, let me know by Tuesday, April 30th

My dancers name is spelled incorrectly/missing

Thank you! We will get this fixed right away!

Recital FAQs

Don't see your question listed? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We'll be happy to answer your questions!

 When and where are the shows?


Our 10th annual recital is being held June 14 & 15 at Manchester High School,12601 Bailey Bridge Rd, Midlothian, VA 23112

Show 1: 6:00 pm

Show 2: 11:30 pm

Show 3: 5:00 pm


What time should I arrive on Show day


We ask that families arrive 1.5 hours before the show. 

Show 1: 4:30

Show 2: 9:00

Show 3: 3:30



When and where is dress rehearsal?


Dress rehearsal is June 10-13 and is held at Manchester High School.

Dress rehearsal will begin at 5 pm each night and we ask that you arrive by 4:30. You will receive an email letting you know which day your shows dress rehearsal is. 

Show 1 - Tuesday, June 11

Show 2- Wednesday, June 12

Show 3- Thursday, June 13


Can I record during dress rehearsal or show day.


You can record during dress rehearsal and take non-flash photography. Photography and videoing are NOT allowed during show days. We will have a videographer for our show days and they can be purchased. More information to come. 


Does my dancer need hair and makeup for dress rehearsal?


Is there a dance store to purchases shoes, tights ect?


Yes, Ellman's dance boutique should have everything you need. They are very busy this time of year so get your items early. They are located at 8524 Patterson Avenue, Richmond VA and their phone number is 804-358-0655



Do I need tickets for the recital?


Yes, everyone sitting in a seat in the audience will need a ticket. Children 2 and under sitting in laps do not need tickets. Pre-Ordered tickets are $20 and General Sale Tickets are $25.


How long is each show?


Each show time varies, but they will average about 2.5 hours with (1) 15 minute intermission


Does my dancer have to stay until the very end of the show?


If your dancer has completed all of their dances you can pick up your dancer and leave or if you have a dancer ticket go and sit in the audience. Dancers can be picked up at any time during the show, just make sure to check them out with PDS Staff. 


Does my dancer need a ticket purchased?


No, current dancers of Prestige Dance Studio can receive a "dancer ticket" at no charge. This will allow them to sit in the audience and watch the show with their families. Dancers will need to be completely finished dancing before being released into the audience. PDS Staff will not look for a dancer sitting in the audience for their dances. There is only a limited amount of dancer tickets per show, please be mindful when reserving a dancer ticket that your dancer will actually use their dancer tickets. 

I don't have my costume note sheet, can I find it online anywhere?



Yes, We have our costume note sheets posted on our website and can be found here. 

You will find the costumes listed by day of the week. In each day tab you will find a photo of your costume, clicking on the photo will give you access to that classes printable costume note sheet. When printing check your printer settings (fit to printable area) to make sure none the information gets cut-off.​ If you cannot access a costume note sheet, we are working on getting that information. We will get them posted as soon as possible.


I volunteered as a parent rep, do I need to purchase myself a ticket?


Parent Reps do not need to purcahase a recital ticket for themselves. They will be in the designated dressing room and backstage the entire time. You will get to see your child perform from backstage in the wings. 


Below you will find all our recital orders and their deadlines.

Upcoming Events Graphics (website).png

Open Now

Recital Tickets

Pre-Orders are open now until April 27th


You will find links to all three shows to pre-order your tickets. We do not have online payments and this form will only reserve the number of tickets you need; you will need to contact the office to finalize your payment.



There is no limit a family may purchase, but tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. There is a chance your show could become sold out. Our recommendation is to pre-order the tickets you know you need and purchase more tickets as you need them. We will sell any tickets available at the door.

Ticket pre-orders will run 3/19-4/27


Your tickets will be available for pick up beginning May 6th.


Ticket Prices:

PRE-ORDERED TICKETS: $20 for all ages (Children 2 or younger in laps do not need a ticket)


GENERAL SALE TICKETS: $25 for all ages (Children 2 or younger in laps do not need a ticket)






Order by May 1st

Recital Souvenirs

As a fundraiser each year PDC and PDCA, our competitive and performing companies, sell various souvenirs to remember your dancers special day!


All of the recital items offered this year (flowers, trophies, shout out book ads, and a dance squishmallows) are located for purchase on our online store: 


You are able to select and pay for the recital items online.


In the note section during checkout, you will need to put the dancers' name or names for the purchase.  If you are purchasing a trophy, please be sure to write the name exactly how you would like it to appear on the trophy in the note section.  All items must be submitted and purchased no later than May 1, 2024.


*We have been informed some of the quantities are getting low on the trophies. Placing your order sooner than later will ensure you receive the trophy of your choice. 


Any questions about recital souvenirs and should be sent to La'Del at


On Sale Now!

Season 10 Recital T-shirt on Sale Now!

Families who placed early bird orders for our recital t-shirt they have arrived and are ready for pick-up. Please make sure to complete your payment with the office if you have not done so already. 


If you missed our early bird sale, don't worry we have shirts in the office for sale. These shirts are $35. Stop by the office to get yours! We have new sizes available: 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6T. There are limited quantities. 


You can pay by credit/debit, cash, check (checks made out to PDS) In the office.

PDC/PDCA Dancers you will receive your shirts during company rehearsal at a later date. 

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